Our Flavours

Our flavours include (but are not limited to) the following:

Please contact us if you have something else in mind. We are always happy to create something new!

Salted Caramel:

Soft and moist caramel flavoured sponge cake, with a delicate salted caramel buttercream and a delicious salted caramel sauce

Belgian Chocolate:

Rich and decadent chocolate sponge layered with a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a delicious chocolate buttercream

Cookies and Cream:

Dark moist chocolate cake with vanilla and devon cream buttercream

White Chocolate and Raspberry:

A real favourite….truly delicious sponge withwhite chocolate chips with a generous helping of raspberry coulis and layered with white chocolate ganache

Signature Madagascan Vanilla:

A true crowd pleaser! A moist sponge cake made with crushed vanilla bean paste, layered with silky vanilla buttercream and your choice of raspberry or strawberry preserves

Lemon Meringue:

A delicately light sponge cake flecked with lemon zest layered zesty lemon buttercream and delicious pieces of crunchy meringue enrobed with lemon preserve.

Blueberries and Cream:

A moist sponge flavoured with concentrated blueberry extract with a delicious fresh blueberry coulis and blueberry cream filling

Absolutely Divine Cherry Bakewell:

Delicious moist almondy sponge with Morello cherry drizzle, layered with our special cherry bakewell buttercream

Strawberry Milkshake:

Vanilla sponge with a hint of strawberry, layered with strawberry drizzle and a strawberry milkshake buttercream filling….also a big hit with our customers

Chocolate Orange:

Soft rich chocolate sponge layered with a divine chocolate orange buttercreamand Seville orange preserve

Red Velvet:

This soft fluffy sponge is dark vibrant red in colour and flavoured with a hint of chocolate. Layered with our signature secret recipe creamy buttercream, this cake is a firm favourite

Lime and coconut:

Smooth, creamy coconut sponge with our very own  zesty lime curd and delicious coconut buttercream

Premium Flavours: at a small additional charge


Granda Jack’s Carrot Cake:

heavenly moist sponge made with carrots, pecans and raisins (optional) and plenty of cinnamon and orange layered with our secret recipe buttercream. A firm favourite with Granda Jack

Toffee Apple:

heavenly flavours of cinnamon, toffee and fresh apples. This rich cake includes pieces of date, grated apple, soft toffee pieces and is layered with a beautiful apple sauce and buttercream

Heavenly Battenburg:

Yes really…nothing more unexpected than cutting into a Battenberg wedding cake. Moist, decadent almond sponges in pink and ivory with a light apricot glaze. Made in the traditional checkerboard pattern (round or square) covered in soft ‘white’ marzipan, and finished with silky vanilla fondant icing


Baileys Irish Cream and Italian Coffee:

Rich moist coffee cake, drizzled with baileys and layered with a heavenly Baileys buttercream


Traditional Rich Fruit Cake: Prices on request

sumptuous fruits soaked in rum or brandy, baked to perfection to create a rich, dark fruit cake. Covered with finest marzipan and delicious vanilla fondantat